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 School Programs 

Total Football Tactics’ programs are designed to make learning soccer fun and engaging for all kids! We focus on hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, skill building, balance and coordination, all while boosting confidence, and enhancing spatial awareness.

Total Football Tactics is an inclusive program for all, offering sessions that cater to every child’s needs:

  • Fun games and activities to build coordination and basic skills.
  • Skill-building sessions to develop soccer techniques and boost confidence.
  • Teamwork and spatial awareness activities to become a true soccer pro!

At Total Football Tactics, every child has the potential to shine. Come kick it with us and discover the joy of soccer! 🌟⚽

Sign up today and let’s make soccer fun and exciting for everyone!

Coorparoo State School

Football (Soccer) Program 

Boys and Girls Prep to 6

10 weeks- Starting week 1 term 3. 

Fridays from 3:10pm- 4pm 

On Carey Field of Coorparoo State School 

Cost $150.00

St James Catholic

Football (Soccer) Program: 


10 weeks- Starting week 1 Term 3. 

Thursday from 3:15 to 4pm 

On the St James School Oval 

Cost $150. 00 

St James Catholic

Pre School Program

Football (School) Program 

Pre school ages 3-5 year olds

10 weeks- Starting week 1 term 3. 

Thursday from 8:45am to 9:15am

On the St James School Oval