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About TFT

The Coach

– Coach Tim has over 25 years in the great world of football, from playing to coaching and even refereeing.

– Coach Tim – started playing football at the young age of 4, falling in love with the sport immediately. Every year since, Coach Tim has been involved with a football club every year. This year, Coach Tim has decided to embark on bringing Total Football Tactics to life.

– Coach Tim’s playing days are behind him, but not after playing for over 20 years. He has been involved with Queensland Teams and Brisbane Roar Youth Teams, also having an opportunity to sign with a team in England and Belgium.

– Coach Tim turned to coaching at the age of 17 when he sustained his first major injury. Since then, he has coached all ages from 3 years up to Senior Men’s and Women.

– In the process, he was the first head coach of SAP (Skill Acquisition Phase) at Easts Football Club, playing a major role in getting this program up and running.

– Coaching a number of players part of the QAS/Roar Youth Programs, both male and female.

– Coach Tim is accredited B Licenses coach with his junior and Senior Licenses from FFA. 

FFA Curriculum

The Football Federation Australia curriculum was designed and implemented by Football Australia to help coaches develop players into becoming the best possible footballers they can be, with the end goal of producing world class players to play for our national team.

With that, TFT have taken the four core skills believed to be the most important for football. From this, a coaching program has been developed to not only improve players, but allow for loads of fun at the same time.

The four core skills are:

– Running with the ball: At speed (with a lot of space) or ‘dribbling’ (in tight areas), including techniques for protecting the ball and changing directions.

– First touch: Controlling the ball with all allowed body parts.

– 1v1: All moves, feints and accelerations to get past and away from an opponent

– Striking the ball: this includes all forms of striking the ball such as short/long passing; shooting and crossing.

These four core skills cover 95% of the actions of any outfield player when in possession of the ball during a game of football. The other 5% consists of actions such as heading and throw-ins.